Is your strength harming you or others?

Looks like I was walking around (albeit slowly and extra-breathlessly and in a state of exhaustion) for quite some time with Pneumonia on top of the other things wrong with my  my lungs and the difficult side effects of medication.

I have always had an ability to “keep going.”  The “in” word for this would be “resilience” I guess. This last few weeks has reminded me that even good traits and abilities and gifts from God need the yoke or the  bridle of the Father’s will to keep going in a good rather than wonky direction which would be  in effect disobedience to the will of the Father who loves us and wants to love others through us! A God given gift used at the wrong time, used irresponsibly, can be harmful to ourselves and others.

Is there any unbridled gift, ability, good character or personality trait in you? You surely know what I mean. Have you never been wounded by a true prophet or a sound preacher or abused in some way by someone with a ministry in healing or by a truly gifted pastor? Gifts and strengths even when they come from God do not absolve us from behaving responsibly towards our own selves and others. Well then, have you made sure your strengths are meekly bridled to the will of the Father?

Mind you, it’s a daily fight this “meekness,” this “bringing strength under control” sort of thing. Today, because I felt better than yesterday,  I wanted to get out there and cut the grass…..Yup, out of control strengths or gifting can harm us and cause upset to those around us. Indeed our strengths of character or ministry can leave a trail of destruction behind us which often we do not see as we forge on to other things. The good thing is I realised it today.

The grass can wait. I have benefited from more rest and tonight feel yet a bit more on the mend. Resilience does not et easily wear the yoke which sets it free to be a blessing. It shares that fact with every other strength. Meekness blesses the land before us and behind us as we continue to sow and plant and reap deeper and wider into our inheritance.

God Bless


2 comments on “Is your strength harming you or others?

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    This is like me!
    Even when told by family
    Even when reminded by God
    In a heart beat I want to be in, do ing
    It is the most difficult training to not do.
    Now I say l am doing rest.
    It sounds like an activity and it is!


  2. Judy Gordon says:

    Thank you and God bless you Kenny. He is teaching me more now of what really matters; doing things in ‘my’ strength is draining energy and tiring. Resting leads to peace and hearing more from him to do ‘everything through Him who gives me strength’. God is good. e.g. Mike wanted to mow the lawn the other day. He felt unwell. It rained. He had to rest and wait till another day!

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