Strong language here, but please read…

For those of you who don’t use Facebook, here is something I posted there…

Sometimes Christians are too nice to say it like it is, and others say it for us in a way we never should or could. Read a quote from Russel Brand somewhere in a thread in a friend’s post that is quite insightful  in its crude offensive way  about what lies behind  attacks on Christian belief : “I don’t see atheists queuing up to call the Dalai Lama a dickhead.” 
I know even my friends might feel unable to give a “like” to this post…but I hope you get the point: the growing liberal establishment assault in Great Britain upon religious belief is not as general or as intellectually honest as it would  claim: it is selective, cowardly and inconsistent within its own self. It is anti Christ. Of course it shows its face in church guise as well…. the writings and thoughts or demands of other faiths or from the secular world given more honour than the teaching of the bible and the revelation and incarnation of God in Christ.. Indeed, the bible is set aside in many church discussions.
 The murder of biblical faith, the strangling of historic Christian belief when it happens in church circles is of course done slowly with self congratulatory politeness, a calm manner and a smiling face  in a way that models to the world how to debate… it is in reality worryingly psychopathic.

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  1. judithjamesdavies says:

    Getting almost nervous to speak biblical truths in Christian circles….fear of being put in the bigot box….John 12.42-43 is speaking to me. Thank you Kenny for making me feel I’m not alone


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