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A companion piece to the theme of my last blog for those of you not on Facebook to peruse….

“So, acceptable one world religion is staking its claim with increasing alacrity in the UK: get rid of the vertical and keep it all horizontal. This is the form of religion that is most compatible with political life in its high profile manifestations and seen as the only way ahead for a broken world powerless before so many destructive forces.  No one is going to disagree we should care for one another, so let’s just leave aside the God who speaks, commands, calls to repentance and offers eternal life in no other name than Jesus. 

History teaches that even amongst Church leadership there are always those prepared to raise their hands and say “Heil” to new dictators who promise good visions at least in part, but soon show what energises them. 

Fortunately history and the present day remind us that there  have always been others who lift their hands to God and say ‘Jesus is everything to me.'”

Anyway, this horizontal without the vertical emphasis is often not as strongly principled as it seems to claim for itself: have just been called an “idiot” and “an ar _ e of great degree on Facebook by someone who said to me that God wanted us to love each other! I have been called worse….

God bless


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  1. George Wilson says:

    I believe that people continue to brush aside the reality that Jesus Christ cleared the money lenders from the Temple with the intention that it should be a place of “prayer”

    Also, Jesus was not doing this out of his own belief but because His Father by the Holy Spirit had led him out of the “Furious Love” of God the Father!

    Do we REALLY know what love is?

    I am still learning.
    I am not sure if I will have fully learnt about the height and breadth and depth and length of Love as God fully intends it to be until I have been taken home to be with my God;Father, Son and Holy Spirit and after I have wept for a number of years realise at last what LOVE is!

    I am not sure if you believe you have “got there” and have finalised your theological stance.

    If you have, be prepared for that stance to be thrown into disarray as you are taken deeper into a mystery that cannot be determined by any theological stance that does not allow for fluidity!

    I pray that you will be amazed again and again with the many facets of a loving, caring, nurturing, tender God (and that is but a starter for the facets of the one true God that is not made in our own image)



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