To all Sunday “Givers.”

Woke up thinking of all who will “give” so much to others this Lord’s Day. Well, actually, this thought has been there on and off for a few days and I think it is from the Lord for you: “Learn to receive. Don’t push the goodness of the Lord away.”

Over the years many people have “given” to me in so many diverse ways with almost  incredible sacrificial love and immaculate timing.  Although it may be more blessed to give than receive, receiving from others is not wrong. Jesus was the supreme giver, but he appreciated moments of receiving and did not push them away with awkward embarrassment. He received the generous  tokens of Mary’s love as she anointed him  and dismissed with anger  the idea there were others more needful of such generous expression of insightful love and affection and  help than himself. He did not send away angels who came to minister to him, or say to them, “Help someone else. I can cope thank you.”

Don’t push away the goodness of God in whatever form that goodness is offered to you today. It is not Christlike to always give and never receive.

God bless


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  1. livimacs01 says:

    It’s good to let others receive the blessing from giving


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