As Summer Conference Season draws near…

A quick heart felt open letter to Conference Speakers:

Well, not such good health has saved me from something I hated having to do: provide biographical information for Conference brochures! Note to those who are part of that scene: please stop writing about how much you enjoy fine food and wine; that is a form of gluttony and an insult to the poor who are happy on the days when they have any food. It can be an insult to your fellow ministers. At a conference where all my food and drink were being provided as well as my accommodation, I met a fellow minister who has humbly and quietly and effectively served the Lord for decades: he was longing for Friday, salary/stipend day, to come as until then he and his wife would be continuing to eat tea biscuits. He was hoping Friday would not be too late to contribute to the Conference thanksgiving offering…

…and another thing…

… perhaps be careful about advertising your cool and expensive likes and hobbies too, unattainable to most…. people don’t really need to know how trendy and exciting you are… if you need them to know that, then perhaps step down from the conference “stage” until you get things sorted out….

May you be a blessing to God’s people this summer and bring God glory,



2 comments on “As Summer Conference Season draws near…

  1. judithjamesdavies says:

    Am I the only one who finds it sad when speakers describe God’s blessing in terms of how they “always ” get bumped up to first class on flights ? As if those who don’t are somehow not accessing the grace of God. I am thankful I can travel, whatever class, and know my God is with me. Hope I don’t sound too miserable but come on folks God ‘s blessings are way more wonderful than a comfy chair and free booze …..


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