Preaching this weekend?

Remembering being taught in Practical Theology never to get the sermon and then search for a text to fit it. Well, I guess there is safety in that, but as a pastor I sometimes felt led to speak quite deliberately to needs and situations  I saw and sensed within the life of the congregation and then thought what Scripture might best be applied to that purpose. Seems to me some of the new Testament writers were quite pragmatic and pastoral in their use of Scripture and not as purist as the advice given in P.T.. They sometimes chose the Greek over the Hebrew Version of the “Old Testament” and sometimes the Hebrew over the Greek, whichever suited best to get their teaching/pastoral point over most clearly. Even Jesus did that (no, I am not telling you where, search it out for yourself, it will do you good) ….just saying….


Who makes up these rules anyway? Useful guidelines perhaps, but not if they become so rigid they prevent a minister from speaking The Word of the Lord effectively to their flock. Occasionally some people would ask me after preaching, “Were you speaking about us this morning.” I would usually reply, “Of course I was, who else would I be speaking to other than those of you who were here? It’s my job.”

God bless


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  1. Kim Ennis says:

    As it is and our understanding and efforts

    The grass withers and the flower fades
    But The Word of God endures forever.
    Thank God


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