Lift your nose….

Not breaking my promise of refraining from manic posts, but feel the urgency of a prophetic word so have to go with it. Someone needs to hear this from God. How will you know it is for you? Well, even though it seems general, though indeed many may benefit from this word to a certain degree,  there will be something in it that will seem so specific to you that you will know. So:

“You worry the Lord is no longer with you as there seems to be less power, less anointing when you do what you did before. Am I like Samson? Has something been torn from me like Saul in judgement because of that sin I fell into again this last week more than once?  Am I “Yesterday’s person”? The Lord says, ‘No. I am inviting you into courageously walking a path you have not walked before. Did you not sense my presence resting on you yesterday and wonder what it all meant? It meant, “This is the road, the new path. Walk here.'”

I hope this may help you walk into ths Lord’s Day in joy and peace, released from worry and shame. You have often known the strength of the Holy Spirit behind you like a helping hand. This is a season for walking into a breeze that is coming towards you, the breeze of the ever coming Kingdom and your Father’s approaching will. Don’t look back in concern about something that no longer seems to happen. Lift your head, lift your nose  to the wind that blows towards you and catch the scent of the God who invites you into your unfolding,  ever moving forward destiny. You may well find the next stage of God’s purpose for you fits the truest redeemed “you” more than any road you have faithfully walked thus far. Joy is in the air! Sniff and see! Sniff and believe! Sniff and follow, seek and find!

God bless


3 comments on “Lift your nose….

  1. Catherine says:

    This word is so real for my life at the moment, thank you Kenny for sharing.


  2. Mina Mackay says:

    thank you for your message. I can identify with it very much.


  3. Judy Gordon says:

    Thank you Kenny. God bless you too 🤗


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