Some detective work…

Was reading the story of Elijah today. He had a zeal for the honour of the Lord God. He knew the power of the Spirit giving him great courage to go where many would have feared to tread.  He knew what it was to be given amazing physical strength. Yet there was something that proved to be a burden heavier than contest with the occult and more exhausting than running a marathon. It was a weight that afflicts many servants of God and may be afflicting you right now. 

I will leave you to work out what it was and why it happened. I feel a blog or two coming on but it’s usually best to do our own thinking and discovery. Find the story and read it in 1st Kings if you care to. See if you notice what I am referring to…

Of course, right now it is Friday night. Perhaps you just need to rest and have something nice to eat and a good sleep. Even Elijah, the most austere and fiery of prophets needed to do that. But the need for food and rest is not the answer to the riddle, though the thoughts that crushed Elijah may have flown into his head on the wings of such very ordinary things as exhaustion and hunger. As Hugh Black used to say, “Mark well, the devil often comes in on the wing of the ordinary,”  the very unspectacular, the non supernatural and the apparently non sinister.

God bless


P.S. Sorry for the odd changes in font size. That is a mysyery I have not managed to solve!