It takes no faith for me to testify to this…I have seen it..blessed are you if you have not seen it yet, but dare to believe…

Let’s”s go after the “impossible without God”, not the fanciful…

For some that may be aiming for raising the dead. For others it may mean aiming  to get out of bed tomorrow morning…

For you it may be believing you can be happy again after loss…

For some it may be believing for huge financial blessing on a humanly impossible to undertake Kingdom venture. For others it may mean tithing the little you have believing God will fulfill His promises of provision, or believing there will be food on the table come Monday morning and throughout the school holidays.

Who is to say what great faith looks like? We are all at different places and have had different starting points…

But, go after something that you know you can’t do without God. That was where I  ministered, pastored, spoke at retreats for ministers and leaders from; it is where I faced opposition from, spoke at conferences small and gigantic in many places in the world from, faced financial difficulty and family distresses from; preached week by week to precious congregations from and led from for decades….none of it came naturally to me by temperament, personality or gifting. God is faithful. 

That is my joyful, amazement filled testimony to you tonight!  Go for it!

God bless


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