It amazes me the way that the bible describes what is going on in me better than words and thoughts I could string together. Have found some words in the Psalms that seem to sum up where I am at and where I am heading in this phase of my Father’s purposes. 

Not going to tell you the words! Why not find your own  Life Verses? Perhaps you will search for them like a merchant searching for pearls. Perhaps you will discover them accidentally like a person walking through a field stumbling upon treasure!

God bless


2 comments on “Treasure!

  1. Janette Tait says:

    Yes. Awesome Kenny. I am a treasure and yet He is The treasure. Thanks for your ongoing encouragement. I don’t always respond but always digest and take on board especially where appropriate. 🙂 Continue to keep you and yours in our prayers. Love in Him Janette


  2. Kim Ennis says:

    Yes treasures to find, in every day places.


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