“Horror, as skilled surfer drowns”

In your life and your ministry are you under authority? It’s where Jesus lived. It is part of reverence for Him.

I feel a prophetic word lurking around:

“As more and more doors open to you, more and more you need to submit to wise human authority ordained by me for your blessing. Can you trust me enough to submit to others, to allow them a “yes” or “no” voice into your decisions? I know it is hard to hear this as you ride the crest of wave after wave of opportunity and invitation. It is a word that will save you and save others from the distress of seeing you drown.”

God bless


2 comments on ““Horror, as skilled surfer drowns”

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    Interesting insight for me as l believe l am not experienced and cannot surf life or any wave but could l surf my relationship with Christ?
    Not unto fear but unto a blessing of really riding a wave, every surfer comes off their board a some point. I guess we really have to know where our balance and ability is in line with all the elements of provision promise and authority.
    For an experienced surfer to drown is unusual and it would seem that another unforeseen unusual element other than ability is likely.
    Call the coastguard first, maybe?
    Is that what you are saying?


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