Keep on keeping on…to quote a Facebook Friend

There are times when we have quite simply had enough of church! What do we do?

Well let me a share a thought fromPsalm 120 which I will be sharing  in some shape or form, God willing, when I preach this evening.


Psalm 120, the first of a group of songs of pilgrimage reminds us of what the journey together can be like: disillusionment with our fellow believers, justified hurt and anger, wishing we didn’t have to walk our journey with them but could live in solitude apart from the people of God: but nonetheless walking with them all the same in obedience to the good command of a good God. Somehow by the grace of God we get there. By Psalm 122 we sing together, “And now, here we are! Our feet are actually standing within your gates, O Jerusalem!” Hopefully in the journey we somehow get closer to the Lord and one another and come to a place of peace with the story of our journey. “To dwell above with saints we love, that will be glory: To live below with saints we know, can be a different story!”

You may well be in paid full time ministry, or doing life, even family life with someone who is.  That can be a blessed experience, but for many it can bring a depth of disillusionment with “church”  that few can understand, other than those who have walked the same road. If that is you, then God bless you, real good! May His help manifest itself to you and those you love  in a way that will bring solace and consolation. There is still time for God to redeem those difficult years.

Sheep bites hurt Shepherds… and at times, let’s admit it, it makes the Shepherd and/or those who care for the Shepherd  bite the sheep too…or want to never see another sheep again, unless now and then when they absolutely have to.

God bless