“Where sin did abound grace did abound more and more.” True, thank God! ”

“Grace did abound all the more so sin could abound all the more.” Not true!

May we go into this day, 4th July,  in the effective power of the word of The Word; “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.” With Jesus what seems like an impossible command becomes a promise of help. Let’s not make this an Independence Day from Jesus Christ: “Without me you can do nothing.” Any experiment ever tried by any disciple to prove Him wrong on this has failed.

By the way, it wont be fruitful aiming to be the first person in history to  prove Him wrong when He says, “You cannot serve God and Mammon” either.  No individual or nation can ever become great or great again by trying to serve both. It can’t be done. One or other must be Master and the other treated by us as a slave to serve our chosen Lord’s will. Whatever we may think is the clearest sign of departure from God in personal or national life,  Jesus would remind us of the imprisoning religion of Mammon.

May every day be a day of childlike dependence not only on Christ’s  presence but also upon His wisdom as He tells it the way it really is. He is the Great Physician, as expert at diagnosis as healing. Self diagnosis or self medicating is not really a good idea for a believer. We often miss symptoms or pass over something a doctor would know is  more significant than that which  we have noticed! Book an appointment with Jesus today.  You can get through to Him right now. There is no receptionist barring your way! It’s really just a question of turning up and keeping the appointment.

God bless