If you want your visit to us to be fruitful…

Note for Conference Speakers, Visiting Speakers etc.  for  this Summer Season:

Be Sensitive to what God was doing before you visited and try not to leave too much mess behind you after you go.

Ask God how to make the Kingdom of God core of your ministry accessible in the culture of your listeners. 

Method is not power, so be adaptable.

Just saying, in Scotland we honour people by quiet thoughtful listening. Any insisted on other expressions of appreciating what you are saying will be very weak and somewhat reluctantly given and leave you more insecure.

Don’t put exaggerated reports on your Ministry web page when you get home: others were there and may start to get confused and think they were not there after all.

Honour in Christ those who honoured you with an invitation into the fold or field committed to their care,  in the Name  of the Good Shepherd.

In some cultures your self advertised chuminess with God will prevent humble souls from entering into true intimacy with Abba.

If you intend to harangue us about a poverty spirit before the love offering, could you take a love offering at your congregation to bring to Scotland? Perhaps you could preach on the verse, “Blessed are those who have the spirit of the poor, for theirs is The Kingdom of Heaven”

Pastor Kenny, MA, BD, Ordinary Pastoral Diploma in Clearing Up.

2 comments on “If you want your visit to us to be fruitful…

  1. Dora Bennett says:

    Made me laugh out loud!! From a felllow domestic goddess in the land of ordinary!!


  2. Noella Ross says:

    Wisdom here! And humour! Love it!


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