The God who made the Platypus

Do sparrows ever self-identify as goldfinches? These are the sorts of things I wonder about with more time to stand or sit and stare and think. It brings back an old question I used to think while driving down the A9 regularly: does a sheep ever think in a sheep way, “That is a really nice view on this beautiful day”? Howard Espie and I talked about such things for many a mile together!

Somewhere these​ eccentric thoughts are connected with the core of my faith: God became a human being.

I cannot remember who said it, but even though God understands all things,  it is reassuring to us that He understands from this inside as it were, what it means to be human.

God bless your eccentric thoughts too. The God who made the Platypus is probably very much involved in them!


One comment on “The God who made the Platypus

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    Yes indeed ,never doubted that He communicates with us how we communicate with our world.
    Our God is a great big God.
    The thoughts that might appear random and eccentric are not to Him because He already knows them.
    I take comfort from this when l Understand that others are not making any sense.
    Yet l am perceived as random ,ah well!
    It is well with my soul


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