There is a time for everything under the sun…a time to be forensic and a time to feel…

Watching  Eugene Peterseon interviews from the last few years. Didn’t know this 84 year old was as frail ad his years should have alerted me to, nor of his strong sense of submissionto his denomination.  He is retiring from public life. If public Christian life was a kinder place to be, maybe he would not have had to. Nuggets are worth looking for.

God help us all if we are only felt to be worth listening to when our thinking is clear. The profoundest moments of the story of Jesus came as usual clarity became dimmed. Out of the heart rather than out of the head comments seem to matter come The Day. Reason sometimes has the time and wit to dress up a bit depending on wanted or feared results: both clarity and confusion have their good points but obviously their limitations as well when it comes to encountering or describing the divine action or its apparent lack.

God bless you…and Eugene Peterson.

If you don’t know what this is about, well follow it through if you really want to. Watch the interviews for the beauty of Christ in weakened humanness. By the way, his books are well worth reading.