Ask in faith, receive by faith , pass it on in faith….

OK! I have learned it is best to go with God even when you cannot fully understand what He is saying. On one occasion while I was praying with someone, the Spirit of God seemed to give me a picture of a door wedge. I asked the person I was praying for if that meant anything whereupon they produced a door wedge out of a bag they had with them! They had bought twelve of them only the day before! Step by step we got to what God was wanting to say and do.

On another occasion the Holy Spirit seemed to show me a single roller skate. Well, you have to step out in faith. I asked the person being prayed for if that meant anything. It did. The day before, they had met up with a childhood friend. When they were young together, they used to share a pair of roller skates and wear one each. What followed on from that bizarre picture was a bit more inner healing.

I am not sharing this to make out I am special in any way, but to say this: all of us can hear God’s voice in this way. Sometimes we just need to learn to recognise how and when He is speaking. Here is what I have come eventually to believe: when I ask God in simple faith if there is anything He wants me to see and hear, well, however ordinary or however unusual, if something comes to mind after praying that prayer I usually by faith believe God has spoken. Sometimes we have not because we ask not. Ask and believe. What comes to mind after that asking and believing, is probably God answering and responding favourably to the faith you have just exercised.

Of course there are times when God may have nothing particular to say in that sort of manner about any given matter. That is fine. There is no cause to worry. Don’t be tempted or pushed into making something up. I have stood on platforms as part of ministry teams where other members of the team are getting prophetic words and in front of hundreds of people simply had to say, “I don’t have anything to share.” It was difficult and embarassing to “admit” that the first few times, but it is good for humility and you get used to it by the time it happens 30 times. “Have you noticed that wee  chap from Scotland  never seems to get anything? What is he up there for?” The temptation to make something up can be strong!

So, I am basically trying in a small way to encourage you if you are praying about a situation or for a person to ask God in simple faith if there is anything he would have you see or hear that would be helpful.

You are maybe wondering why God might choose to speak in such a cryptic way at all. Well, it is biblical. Even with Scripture and all the gifts of the Spirit Paul tells us in 1st. Corinthians that until the Kingdom of heaven comes fully, we see in a glass dimly. We don’t always see as clearly as we would like! It’s the way it is. We see in part. We prophesy in part. We need all the help God gives through all the means of grace Hs offers us and we need the insights He may give to others around us too.

Well, I want to end by practising what I preach. Facebook is one of my main ways of ministering at the moment! I asked God if there was something I was to say as I close. Iasked in faith, heard by faith and I offer it in faith:

I think God wants to say to someone who reads this, “You used to find it funny when the dog chewed your shoelaces…” That is about it! I think He want to promise something: “You will laugh again you know. Even simple uncomplicated things that made you smile or laugh once seem to bring forth no joy. You WILL be OK! You will laugh again!”

May it be so Lord! Amen and Amen!

God bless you… real good!