For You?

OK… a word from the Lord, for somebody? it could of course be generally helpful, but the person it is specifically for will recognise a detail that allows you to know and believe it is for you. It may be this is not for you at all. Don’t let it confuse you….

“You have it in your mind and heart, ‘This is intolerable, I must speak to that person today. this can’t go on!’ WAIT! HOLD BACK! Speak to that person and you will be getting ahead of me. Trust me and a solution will arise without the fall out your intended intervention will bring, a solution that is kind and will allow that other person to save face. Wait a little longer…not easy, but I will help you.”


Just a few thoughts:

I was thinking in the early morning how it is easy to get pressurised by the sense of time passing into doing something unwise. There have been several times throughout the course of my ministry when I was almost at a point of addressing an issue or a person in a way that could have led to World War 3 in the congregation. Right at that point God stepped in with His way forward, which was kinder than my desperation, and preserved peace.

It is easy to get lost in our own sense of the brevity of time. Of course there are times when we must do something and do it right away without any procrastination. Having said that we should try and be like David, who having served the purpose of God in his generation, fell asleep. The purposes of God kept on unfolding….

God bless