“God isn’t speaking to me!” Good!!

Some of you have expressed concern about the fact that there have been fewer blogs from me lately and have been wondering if that is a sign I am feeling more unwell! That is so kind of you. It shows you care about me and value the blogs, which is good to know.

I have been wondering myself why the blogs are less frequent than they sometimes are. It is not just to do with steroidal fluctuations though I do struggle with some of the effects of medication. Let me tell you part of what is going on. It may sound odd, but I will take that risk. So here goes…

I have told you that from time to time there is a “picture” that I find helpful. I see myself going down into a cellar, a secret quiet place in the foundations of my life. I imagine Christ is there waiting for me. I come before Him and ask Him if there is anything He would show me to strengthen me, comfort me or encourage me. In other words I allow Him to speak prophetically His “now” word for me, His word for that precise moment. Usually He shows me that “word” in the form of a painting which He unveils and invites me to consider. However just occasionally there is more an “action” involved.

Recently, I went into the cellar. I did not need to ask my usual sort of question. Christ was there and He was already active. He had a megaphone and was calling out in every direction words which I could not hear. What was He saying? I have no idea. I just had “a knowing in my knower” that He was speaking in the spiritual realm on my behalf. Was He interceding for me? Well, I am sure that was part of it. My “knower” however told me there was something else going on as well. He was declaring and proclaiming the good purposes of God for me. There was a serious focus evident in the way He was going about this. For me to speak while He was doing what He was doing would have been wrong. It would have been wrong to even ask questions for the sake of clarification. There are secret things that belong to the Lord our God and there are things revealed to us that belong to us and to the coming generations forever. We  know what we need to know. In the cellar that day a  holy thing was happening and I was not privy to the full content or significance of what was going on. I know God was speaking to God for me. I know too, the  voice of God was sounding into the spiritual realm being heard by ears  friendly and hostile to my well being on every level.

I found all that I saw in the cellar that day extremely strengthening. Indeed, it t helped me to see something very clearly.  It is wonderful when Christ speaks to me in thoughts, in Scripture, through dreams, “pictures”, through others, etc. However, there are times when I need to remember something that is perhaps even more wonderful:  Christ is speaking loudly for me, on my  behalf. It seems to me that though He may have been speaking less “to” me recently – hence fewer blogs worth sharing – He has been speaking loud words that I cannot hear:  words about me; words that sound clearly in the ear of the Father and result in the action of the Holy Spirit; words that are frighteningly loud to the demonic realm; words that result in clear commission in the ears of angels; words that are somehow picked up too by people who love me and pray for me.

When God seems silent to you, it may be that the voice of Christ like the thunderous sound of many waters is sounding more loudly than you could bear to hear. Hold on to that thought and be encouraged by it.

God Bless


7 comments on ““God isn’t speaking to me!” Good!!

  1. Heather Jayne Temple-Williams says:

    Wonderful, so encouraging to know that God talks about me (although many times I think he just hangs His head in despair).


  2. phkmsltd says:

    Thanks – this is very helpful
    Love, Paul


  3. Billy says:

    VERY profound Kenny. Thanks.


  4. Lesley Mackwell says:

    Thanks Kenny, brings to mind the angelic delay in Daniel.
    A prompt to remember we are in a spiritual battle.
    I pray the steroids do their job with minimal side effects.blessings x


  5. Noella Ross says:

    Thank you for sharing such personal and difficult to explain experiences, Kenny. Praise God – for what He is doing in your life, and for your listening to His Holy Spirit. I know I have been blessed by this.


  6. Helen Bookless says:

    Wonderful. Thankyou.


  7. Can’t put into words how encouraging this blog post was. Thank you Kenny and God bless you.


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