From survival (miracle enough!) to life in all its fullness…

OK then. Nothing new in this blog, but though some people may find my  topic  mix and choice random and scatter brained, I have to go with what I believe God gives me when He gives me it these days. Concentration is difficult for me, so I have to trust God in the immediate moment and “put it out there” when something comes to be that I believe is to help others via this blog. The result is a soup of a few hundred blogs at constantly ready to eat, which you can taste from as little or as much as you choose whenever you wish. I trust God the right ones will find their way to the right people on the right day. Simple faith!

I was thinking about how when we are at the receiving end of  a nasty, humiliating or vicious  comment, however that comment comes,  be it public or private, the  effect can last for days. Being a Christian helps us through that process, but it does not eradicate the process, as being a Christian helps us to be more human and humane and to feel more keenly rather than making us less human or robotic or stoic.

Well, this seemed to be the thought God gave me as a useful one to carry to wherever you gather with other beleivers this weekend. If one comment can affect us so much, what about when someone has faced continual comments every day throughout their childhood and young adult life? What about someone living in an abusive marriage where confidence dstroying and humiliating comments are deviously slipped into conversation in heavy doses? What about someone who is carrying the dark shadow of bullying all through their school years?

I had this awareness earlier: some of us who are keen on seeing church grow and mission happen can become frustrated when we see people in church who seem to contirubute little other than to be there to worship God. “Why are they like that? Can’t they see how tired those who do stuff are getting and offer to help?” Well for some at least this is the reason: the effect of continual daily year in year our nastiness on the tongue of other people. In saying that I have not even mentionined the effect of horrible deeds which some have also faced being carried out against them on a year in year out basis. It is a miracle that they are in church at all. They don’t need to feel the poisoned air  of your furstration being breathed forth upon them; feel it they will I can assure you. Don’t think you can hide it behind a cheery “hello” and a nice smile. Pretence in such manifest ways is no barrier to the powerful poison of what is in our hearts spreading beyond our control!

“Be patient with one another…” “Encourage one another……”

Perhaps you are thinking that you had a pretty rough time and you came through it with the help of Christ, so “they” should be able to be like you? Make sure that the story of your victory in Jesus does not become a bigger burden on others who are struggling to come to victory beyond survival for themselves. No two stories are the same. No two people are the same. It is just fact that levels of reslilience differ for a host of reasons. Equal faith but different reslilience in the face of much the same story in terms of chapters past  can result in different chapters present and future. Don’t judge. In any case, what do any of us have that we did not receive as a gift when it comes to victory in Christ?

Switch off the judgement. Switch off irritation. Switch off the lovelessness of seeing only what a person does not do which you wish they would do. They are not you. You are not them. Perhaps if we breathed forth the unseen pure air of the love of Christ on one another a miracle of survival would lead to more miracles of life in all its fullness, not for the sake of church work or church mission but for the sake of those whom Jesus loves. Why not pray that tomorrow in your church gathering that because of your repentance after reading this blog, someone will know from you that you are just delighted to see them? Someone you may have sent home with a heavy cloud resting upon them each Sunday, may go home tomorrow with an awareness that the Sun/Son of Righteousness has indeed risen upon them with healing in His wings and believe for a new day. You yourself will be able to go home and for the first time in many a week be able to enjoy Sunday dinner without the sauce of accusation and frustration being poured out yet again.

God Bless


5 comments on “From survival (miracle enough!) to life in all its fullness…

  1. George Wilson says:

    Hi Kenny,
    Well, you have opened up a can of worms again!

    Some days all I can do is be there. But, God is in the “there” with me regardless of what anybody else has to say (or think)!

    I may have been concerned about the words some people have said in the past; but I continue to be cleansed of the filth in the depths of my being for my previous life (pre-Christian)!

    I am still nervous at times as well as a multitude of other facets that I have been led to believe are just a part of my personality, that some people may consider I should be cleansed of.

    Certainly, almost as soon as I became a Christian I plunged into the darkness of depression which required medical intervention!
    However, in that place I met the Lord, who took me by the hand and walked me out of that place and into the light of His Love!
    I was hardly even a fledgling Christian, but I was thirsty and hungry for all that God had to present in those early days until I reached a desert where I dried up!
    What is prayer?, became my question!
    What is there any more within these pages of the Bible?
    Where has God gone?

    It was a period of new experiences!

    I had to walk by faith, trusting and knowing that God was around, but feeling the breath of the Spirit ruffle my neck might be the only certainty that God was present to me!

    I am still learning what prayer is!
    I do read the Bible, but don’t beat myself up mentally if I miss a few days! I just start where I last finished! I do my best to respond to God’s request at the moment in time He presents an issue to me, as long as I discern that it is God to the best of my ability!

    And, in all of that; people may still perceive me as just being “there”, because God has blinded them to the times that I am not “just there”!

    Many Blessings,


    • Angela says:

      Ad seen:

      Don’t let depression and anxiety get to you, let the Church Help.

      Joking aside, it is our reliance on God that gets us through. The church has halped me considerably at times. But it is the Lord who is the rock beneath my feet.
      Bad attitudes and treatment by some simply drive me closer to Him.
      May all who feel judged find their help and strength in the only God worthy of all honour, worthy to wield the highest authority and capable of judging justly.
      And may mercy and grace abound towards fellow Christians.


  2. Angela says:

    Thank you!
    This is something that has been on my heart for many years due to unrealistic expectations in exactly the ways you describe.
    2 Cor 10:12 says ‘We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.’
    Judgement without justice really hurts, and judgement from fellow Christians brings division, not just that horrible dreaded cloud you eloquently express.
    But God loves all Christians. They are forgiven, just as I am.


  3. Helen Bookless says:

    Yes. I have a friend battling with life who doubts she will get to heaven when she dies (doubts because of some things she’s been told by Christians). But the fact that she just keeps reaching out to God in spite of everything that she’s been through is remarkable, and a witness to others, and in this itself i see her faith actually towering above my own.


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