Heavenly angels are real and you have probably met them…

The majority of you who read my blogs will have met angels. I don’t mean human beings who “behave” as angels, wonderful blessing though that may be. I mean heavenly beings who appear as they appear in heaven or in human disguise. If in human appearance, probably we did not recognise them, though we may have wondered.

I think for example of a time when my friend who was disabled and myself went off the road in his adapted car. I got out the car, but he had to stay in the car which was in a ditch. Within less than two minutes an enormous man arrived on the scene. He said nothing to either of us. he simply got down in the ditch and with his bear/bare hands lifted the car out of the ditch on to the road again and then went on his way, still without saying a word. As far as I know I have only met heavenly angels on one or perhaps two other occasions.

I have found over the years that people from earlier generations than mine have remarkable stories to tell of divine encounnters, but are less at ease telling them than my generation or younger. Thinking tonight of Murdo from Thurso. Along with a fellow POW in Italy he made his escape one night. They simply ran towards the gate not really knowing what they would do. At the gate there was a very tall soldier in immaculate uniform. He sprang to attention saluted them both and then opened the gates for them and beckoned them through. Another few hundred yards away from the camp and they were greeted by two beautifuly dressed women, each carrying a basket of food, one for each of the prisoners. In the basket were all sorts of lovely fruit, including grapes. It was not the season for grapes. He didn’t say it, but I knew Murdo was trying to say he thought he and his fellow POW had met angels that night – not human agnels, but heavenly ones in human disguise. I think he did too.

May we become aware when angels have drawn near, flames of fire swift to do their master’s bidding, no less, no more. Please don’t warm me that in the bible there are those who got puffed up by such things and lost connection with the head, Jesus Christ.  I know that bible verse. Telling the odd angel story, or even the odd odd angel story now and then is hardly making a religion out of it all…

God bless.