God bless your dreams…

Read Pharaoh’s dreams today as the reading in David Strutt’s beautiful book, “Sanctuary: Moments in His Presence” which I commend to you if you are loking for a daily devotional type book. Pharaoh’s dreams are a Hebrew student’s dream of a translation exercise! The same story repeated again and again and again! Seriously now: recurrent dreams are interesting. They can mean a few different things. It can mean you are seeing something that is more like a vision of something that is going to happen: it is fixed. What God is showing you will indeed happen. It can also mean there is an insight you need to learn and have not got hold of yet, a victory you need to win but have not won yet.

I used to have a couple of recurrent dreams that seemed to conincide with singificant onward moves in God’s purposes. One of them showed an insecurity with God that He wanted to do something about. That one recurred every so often for about 20 years or more until it was brought to an end by a prophetic word through Jim Graham and a fresh encounter with the Father’s love. The other recurred over a few months and showed a fear that only went when I envetually stayed in the dream and confronted and unseen enemy in the Name of Jesus Christ. I woke up in a cold sweat but rejoicing! Victory in Christ! The result was a time of great blessing and persecution started to roll out.

Dreams matter. I am not sure we pay them sufficient attention in spiritual life. I don’t think I have been paying sufficient attention. Looking now for a new light up pen to make notes of what I dream about when I wake up through the night, instead of trusting it to memory!

God Bless



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  1. Kim Ennis says:

    Yes only a few times this has happen to me
    The response of Gods word works in the night.in darkness to be know in the light.
    He that keepeth Israel neither slumbes nor sleeps
    Deep calls to deep.


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