Some wee snacks for you

Dear Word Press followers. Have put together in this blog various bits and pieces of my Facebook activity from today for you to take a look at. Pick and choose!


1:The strengthening truth behind “there is nothing I can do to make God love me more and nothing I can do to make Him love me less” that blessed the church with release from condemnation and religious legalism for years when It was first penned and proclaimed with joy, can become a tool in the hand of the devil to immobilise the armies of God and render our witness to grace and to the Saviour of the World and liberator of human beings ineffective. Well, if Satan can twist the truth of Scripture, he can certainly do it with our soundbites.


2:Reading Hebrews 7 and 8 today. Alarmed still at false understanding of the grace that has come to us in Christ being popularised today by voices of powerful influence. The aim of the Old and New Covenants is the same according to the Scriptures: a people walking in obedience to the Living God out of gratefulness for all He is and has done by His redeeming love being His light in the world: impossible when all that is on offer to help us is works of the law and commandments unmet by inner willingness or power to obey: possible through the provision and power of the grace which appeared in Christ – the once and for all sacrifice on the cross and an eternally alive and interceding Priest.


3:If only we could stop theorising God, stop philosophising God and everything about Him be it grace or mission or a thousand and one other things; it leads to vanity and division on the whole despite the odd bit of good fruit here and there in smallish doses. Better to manifest Him in faithfulness to the Written Word of Scripture as incarnate in the Living Word, Jesus Christ, the Son of God…


4: What God has joined together let not man put asunder: Grace and truth? Repentance and forgiveness? Resurrection and the cross? Mercy and Judgement? Old and New Testament Scriptures? Holiness and Mission? Grace and Obedience? Personal faith and church commitment? Word and Spirit? Father Son and Holy Spiri?


5: The devil often quotes the bible to Christian believers in order to back up the lie he is hoping to get us to entertain or fondle. Test all things. Of course he does the same with non believers: “God is love” to back up all love must be God; grace verses to drown out repentance verses…


6: Prophetic Word or Scatter Brained Steroid talk? Well, it’s up to you to decide and to decide whether this if for you or someone else. Woke up earlier thinking someone needed this encouragement from God: “It can be hard to get rid of some bad smells. Remember though, their source is no longer present. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by the stubbornly persisting smell that lingers. Breathe the fresh air of a near and all pervasive heaven: there is a rose that blooms for you with rare fragrance.”

Hope some of this blesses you.

God bless