For what it’s worth… this is what I have found….

An operating principle of mine over the years that I think somebody needs to hear: it may be many of you will disagree with what I write below. That is fine. it means this thought is not for you, so don’t bother expressing your disagreement or putting me right, I politely ask. As I say, I feel this is for somebody, particularly somebody who feels a step they are about to take makes a purpose they have sensed in God seem less likely to happen:

Never make decisions based on possible advantages to your calling; make decisions based on obedience to God’s will and somehow doors and opportunities in terms of calling will not be a problem… I knew from an early age that part of God’s will for me was to go to other countries to preach although my prime calling was to be a minister in the Church of Scotland. Stronsay and Thurso seemed odd choices if I believed that, but they were the will of God. God knows where you stay. Just obey and trust. Obscurity of place is no obstacle for the purposes of grace.

God Bless


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