Urgent Prayer Request…

Before you go to sleep tonight, I want to ask for your prayers.  Tonight sitting in an evening service  The Holy Spirit highlighted  for me  in a very direct and immediate way the the fact that many Christians in Scotland live under the threat and the actuality of Physical violence within their own homes.

I have heard many testimonies which speak of difficult backgrounds of violence in the home. Very aware tonight that for some people that is a continuing part of their experience even after conversion. Some after worshipping with you tonight will have returned home to situations that are very unsafe, where violence is a reality. Indeed you may be the one who has returned home after worshipping to such a situation. So strongly remind by the Spirit of God tonight of that simple horrific fact.

In simple faith, will you join with me to pray for anyone in your fellowship who may be living in such a reality, that God would prevent physical harm from being perpetrated this very night? (Please don’t “comment” that there are other types of harm. Indeed there are, but it is physical violence the Lord highlighted by His Spirit to me tonight and therefore I am highlighting it for you to pray about.) If you are in such a reality yourself I think I can promise you that somebody will be praying for you this very night.

God Bless those who need such prayer, and God bless you in your praying.


4 comments on “Urgent Prayer Request…

  1. Angela says:

    Thank you, Kenny, for paying attention to Holy Spirit.
    I have first hand experience of violence, psychological and emotional abuse. Thankfully, it is in the past as I managed to escape without threat to life. Many do not.
    There was many a Sunday when I delayed returning home, sitting on a bench and watching people going about their ‘ordinary, normal, loving’ lives; as if I were the only one out there suffering from an abusive marriage.

    Most of the abuse was not physical violence though. And although physical wounds heal, they add to the emotional scars carried.

    I am afraid that I was in bed, in pain from the curse of a disease for which I continue to stand in faith for healing, so missed the post till now.
    But I have a lovely Christian friend who escaped an abusive marriage too (both of us had husbands professing faith in Christ; lip service) and now is trying to get freedom and healing for their son with whom it is no longer safe to live.
    Please pray for her as she faces uncertainty and danger today.


  2. Nicholas says:

    Please pray that God will give us victory in court on 14th March and later dates until the case is over.

    Nicholas & Edith


    • revkennyblog says:

      COuld you tell me what is happening in court?


      • Nicholas says:

        Sometime in 2014,some people from Nairobi came to Nakuru and defrauded people using our non-governmental organization(NGO) of Millions on Shillings.Before we knew it i and my wife Edith were arrested and charged in court.A few weeks ago,one of the masterminds of the scandal was arrested in Nairobi,brought to Nakuru and is still in prison.My family has gone through a very trying time since all this began.The next mention of the case in court will be on the 14th of March.



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