For you?

Felt this quite keenly as a word to strengthen, encourage and comfort somebody. Put it on Facebook but someone suggested I put it in a blog too, so I have obliged! There may be elements in it that will bless more than one of you. However, I always feel with a word from God that there are probably also elements in it that narrow it down a bit in terms of who it may be for in a very specific way. Anyway, this is what I posted…


A Word for someone: I think you are male 45 or 50+ but youthful for your years. Have not got faith to say it more accurately.

I think God wants to say to someone that his purposes are about to accelerate. You know that already and God will confirm it for you with a sale of your house that goes beyond market trends and the collective comments from those around you who have continually challenged your optimism by saying with worldly wisdom based on facts and figures, “It is taking a long time at the moment to sell houses.” Get the sound of the speed of the wind around you and enjoy the speed boat of God’s purpose cutting through the water. Others who deem themselves wiser than you will talk as though a crash is inevitable, but you won’t crash. You are young compared to the negative voices but the few decades you have been alive in Christ (30 or 40 years + since a young age) have given you the humble wisdom of an elder gained by faithful following in hidden places when the eyes of man have not been watching. You can be trusted not to forget the Lord like a friend you know who did just that when things started to go well for them in the land….

God Bless


3 comments on “For you?

  1. Angela says:

    This may be entirely irrelevant as it was given with no knowledge of why/where/who:
    Tuesday 17th Oct 2027
    Woke up but as I lay, eyes closed, I saw as if looking via google earth, from above, a red brick built bungalow, no bay windows along its frontage, not in an elevated position, roads nearby, one road with a bend not far away.
    Seen as if through mist of overcast weather. It is like the kind of thing I might see in a dream but I was awake and held there for a while.
    Mean anything to anyone?


  2. Angela says:

    Oh dear, date of year 2017 Not 2027.


  3. judithjamesdavies says:

    Not a male but have followed the Lord for 32 years, taking this Word by faith


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