I Am…

Part of the sense of the meaning of the Name “I AM” is of active, present reality. In other words we know who God is by what he does. I think when I was growing up as a believer all the emphasis seemed to be on knowing God’s character, but the link between His character and the acts which revealed that character was not always stressed. I was to learn His character through the bible, which I have no argument with, but it was not always obvious in the way the bible was preached that the bible is the book in which we read of God revealing Himself by His deeds, that God is “I AM,” active, present reality.

Accordingly, there was little room for the activity of God’s Spirit in my life post salvation  other than to help me know the characer of God in the bible and to help me become, in turn godly. I am glad for that emphasis. It blessed me a lot. However it was lopsided. I grew up with little expectation of the intervention of God, little expectation that He still shows who He is by what He does in present day faithfulness to confirm in our experience the unchanging words and works of Jesus Christ.

Be on the look out for “I AM” confirming  the biblical revelation of Who He is as present active reality through what He does in your life and circumstances and in the wider world.

God bless


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  1. john bathgate says:

    Heart thrilled by that Kenny, thank you!


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