Naaman – mmm… a bit awkward!

Bedtime Reading for tonight?

Interesting to note that Naaman’s intended action which could be interpreted as “compromise” was met with a “Go in peace” from Elisha the prophet and man of God. Not what one might have expected.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, well, check it out for yourself it you are interested and I think you will see what I mean…. (2 Kings Chapter 5). Chewing it over… lots of thoughts sparking off, to do with being more undestanding towards Christian politicians, more supportive of Christians involved  in some aspects of the NHS etc… but not sure they would be considered Kosher by those who tend to read my ruminations regularly. Why not ruminate about it yourself if you have a spare five minutes? I do know, by the way, that there is such a thing as “Ruminations OCD” ….so only ruminate if you think it will lead you somewhere useful or if it will help you to nod off and sleep well!

God Bless