In case you really can’t get to sleep and there is nothing of interest on the Telly and you can’t be bothered praying…

… is another one I prepared earlier on Facebook!

Jesus never sought influence with those who were seen as influential… that is not the way to take the mountains, one or seven, or make them move.

We need to be careful how we receive the teaching about “The Seven mountains of Societal Influence” much lauded in some Christian Circles and promoted therein by self appointed “Generals” of Global Mission. If it is not spoken about with care, it can easily become a time wasting band wagon of diversion at least or a Christ obscuring diabolical heresy at worst, promoting worldly ways of conquering and a departure from the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Respecting authority does not mean we are never allowed to question the wisdom of “Generals,” those with huge influence over sectors of the church on a translocal scale. I respected my Head Master, but went to him in fear and trembling once along with a friend, when we felt something wrong was being done that needed to be challenged. I respected a head of Department in those same school days but felt I had to challenge them about the dreadfully humiliating way I saw them treating another teacher. At another point, at univesity I challenged authority in a wrong and disrepsectful way and I regretted it that I let Christ down publicly by the way I behaved and spoke. Challenging  properly does not mean disrespecting who or what you are challenging! We are not even to disrespect Satan when challenging his activity according to the bible. The attitude in which we do something must pass some tests.

I think some of the ‘Generals” some Christian leaders, especially in the Charismatic Sector of the Church of today are getting it wrong but it is difficult to receive challenge when attended by certain measurements of success. Why should they listen  when they have so much fruit to point to? Scripture says not many of us should desire to be teachers, because our words can start a forrest fire….


God bless



3 comments on “In case you really can’t get to sleep and there is nothing of interest on the Telly and you can’t be bothered praying…

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    I have understood that regeneration is not stopped when the fire has left the land desolate.
    Seeds burst open as new life waits for opportunity to start again.
    How amazing is the creator of life.
    Love eternal ,faithful and true .
    All is not lost to me as it has seemed.
    Withstanding the fire.


  2. Helen Bookless says:

    Thankyou. We are in the unsought position of needing to challenge someone in authority but from the outset I sensed the Lord say that the state of my heart in this is as important to God as the action to be taken.


  3. Angela says:

    Kenny, I never heard of the Seven Mountains of Societal Infuence; just looked it up before responding.
    What it causes me to recall this time is a word given me when a guest speaker came to my church over ten years ago: You will take two cities.

    Well, I carefully keep that sort of thing on a ‘back burner’ because, to me, following the Lord is primary. If we are in union with Christ, everything is in its proper place.
    And if I am putting God first, His purposes will be fulfilled. Should the ‘word’ also be fulfilled, that confirms for me its truth and its source.
    So, instead of chasing ‘taking two cities’ (whatever it means), I looked up Scripture and found Proverbs 16:32 Better a Patient person than a warrior, one with self control than one who takes a city.
    That is NIV but other translations are equally good. It was the one that said ‘controls his spirit’ that spoke to me back then.
    ‘.. he who controls his spirit is better than he who takes a city.’ (Various versions of the Bible)
    That has been, and continues to be, a focus for me, for many reasons. None of us will influence anybody to good without it!


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