To shout or not to shout?

Note to shouting preachers. Your flock can take it. They have probably been shouted at many times throughout the week in various settings. They are used to it. It happens in the world a lot. It happens behind the closed doors of homes a lot within marriages and family life. Some of your flock, more than you may realise, remember shouting parents awaiting them on return from their day at school with shouting teachers. Oh yes, they can take it alright, but maybe it would be nice to come to Church and get a rest from being shouted at? What do you think?

You have probably got a mic. so shouting is not really required. Perhpas you are confusing shouting with anointing and authority? To your ears, shouting emphasises a point. To battered people or people carrying the nervousness and jumpiness that follow traumatic experiences of personal relationships, used to it though they may be, it can feel like something very different, the verge of something very nasty indeed. Just saying. I know personalities differ and that is wonderful. I am not advocating becoming something different from who you are. I am certainly not advocating any style and most certainly not my own. Just saying though… take stock and take care.

This practice of mine, I do advocate: I regularly bring my preaching before the Lord and ask if there is anything I should be changing. Sometimes He tells me there is. Sometimes I am a bit afraid to ask Him as I am scared that an oldish dog will not be able to learn new tricks. Sometimes it seems circumstances have conspired to force a change, which has usually resulted in blessing.

Thinking off the top of my head, in the gospels it is clear that Jesus knew when and how to shout, that’s for sure. It’s good to learn from Him when it is necessary and do it and when it would be counterproductive and damaging to the prospering of spiritual life. It is important to know when passion has turned into something approaching anger (which may have grown from understandable frustration) whether shouted out or whispered in a tone of simmering quietness which can be just as menacing if not more so.

God bless you


3 comments on “To shout or not to shout?

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    Yes speaking with authority to me sounds
    like listening and reading , watching.waiting.speaking with humility and reverence.
    When l hear my shouting it sounds like frustration, confusion and despair
    If l hear another shouting about God it sounds like fear, as though God is deaf.
    Maybe He is to shouting pleas?
    I have hearing loss and sensitive hearing.
    But we can hear God speak if not deafened by our afflictions.l hear another’s voice and a call to understand How God listens.
    I regret my shouting as above .


  2. Angela says:

    Hear hear! I like this post.
    We don’t have to have studied anything to know that tone speaks volumes and is very effective.
    Your remark about making up for lack (anointing/authority or whatever) sticks in my mind and causes me to recall one preacher in the independent Baptist Church I was a member of in the USA, as he shouted a lot, up to screeching.
    Yet the words were good. Was he anointed and given the Lord’s authority? Maybe. He certainly had a heart to bring Holy Spirit anointing to a church that was dear to his heart, committing much energy and devotion to the task.
    At least one person could not hear anything but the volume, though!
    Most us recognise anointing but struggle to bear with layers of human weakness that distort or effectively disarm the words of truth and wisdom that come from one who struggles as you describe re shouting.
    I sat under that for about three or four years in WV, USA. I respected him and his heartfelt desires. But am glad to be where preaching is normal and more effective.


  3. Elaine Whittington says:

    I hear you! At CLAN I always commented on how powerful your words were yet spoken in such a gentle way. There’s nothing wrong with passion and exuberance coming across loudly and shouty sometimes, but having to listen to a whole sermon feeling shouted at would make me walk out. There’s a guy on God TV, is it Bay Church, we call him the shouty-sweaty man. There’s another question, are you more anointed if you’re sweating and need a wee cloth to mop your brow ha ha.


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