God has a silencer in His weaponry…

The perversity of sin seems to have found its shout, sometimes even an aggressive and blasé form of its shout in our day. The danger is that those saved from iniquity, seeking to humbly honour  the Lord by walking in His righteous ways, will be intimidated into silence.

Here are the opening and closing words from Psalm 107. Worth thinking about and worth a living reponse, don’t you think?

“Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good.
His faithful love continues forever.
Let those who have been set free by the Lord tell their story.
He set them free from the power of the enemy…

…The godly will see these things and be glad,
and all iniquity (perversity) shall shut her mouth.
Those who are wise will take all this to heart;
they will see in our history the faithful love of the Lord.”

The Messiah according to the Scriptures has several different types of “silencer” in His weaponry.  Here is one of them: your story and mine.


God Bless




3 comments on “God has a silencer in His weaponry…

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    History His story is not silent it speaks for us.


  2. This is thought-provoking and true. I firmly believe all our experiences are for sharing in a way that points to God’s glory, and not for keeping to ourselves. Am grateful that someone brought your blog to my attention this evening.


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