Autumn clear up in the garden of your mind?

I have shared on my blog before that from time to time, especially when I am confused about what is happening in my life, there is a spiritual imaging picture that I step into in faith. The picture is that I imagine myself going down into a cellar away from surface noise and clamour. In that cellar Jesus awaits me. Having taken that first step of imagination by faith I then ask that by the Holy Spirit I may see what Jesus is waiting to do, waiting for me to connect with in terms of His purposes for good in my life.

Today, I had all sorts of thought flying around my mind that were not leading to anywhere in particular no matter how much time of day I gave them. There is such a thing as Rumination OCD: thinking a lot about thoughts that never get you anywhere, that reach no conclusion or destination. Well, I am not there thankfully, but I do think that lots of us get on the foothills of that affliction. I felt the Father asking me to gather these type of “round and round getting nowhere” thoughts, tie them up, fling them into the flames  of the God who is “everlasting burnings” and get into the cellar to hear from Christ. When I got there, I heard from Christ.

It is not what I heard from Christ that I want to share, but really just stress the preparation for hearing from Him: that gathering of the unhelpful thoughts and giving them over to the flames of God. Don’t worry about what He will do with them. Trust that if there are any of these thoughts you need to retain He will restore them to you to pick up again. The reality is that after meeting with Christ, usually there are very few of these thoughts, if any at all, that need to be thought again, or given a home in your mind any longer.

God Bless


7 comments on “Autumn clear up in the garden of your mind?

  1. Lesley says:

    Thanks Kenny. Timely reminder whilst recovering from pneumonia. The Lord is so good, an⚓for my soul.


  2. Angela says:

    Kenny, I appreciate all your posts.
    Thoughts can be a trap which is probably why so many are turning to CBT both for personal help, and as a tool in the workplace.
    But we need the Lord’s thoughts, ways and will to keep us on the paths he prepared for us.
    I would never imagine going into a dark cellar (too small/dark/damp a comparison for me but works for you, and is perhaps one reason you so enjoyed visiting a cave recently) but do have places where I can clear my mind and pray unhindered and hear..
    God bless you and yours!


    • revkennyblog says:

      My cellar is the foundational place of my life in Christ where the best wine is stored at a constant temperature! It is below the storms., below the surface clamour of self will.


      • Angela says:

        Well, if a real wine cellar, many might find solace in there!
        The only cellar I ever knew was for coal.
        I like getting everything tidy and clean, sort out urgent tasks in whatever area of life, allowing myself freedom from thoughts of jobs waiting around me, then I can concentrate on what God might be saying/showing me.
        Or get up high on a hill (rate these days) or out under the wife blue sky… awesome!
        I like relative quiet in the morning (no radio/TV/news) so that I can hear what I should be doing, and prioritise accordingly.
        Places without light/windows blacked out, just bring unwanted sense of darkness even if lit.
        We all differ, praise God for variety.


  3. judithjamesdavies says:

    Dear Kenny, just want to take a moment to thank you for writing your blog. In a time of rest and transition for me, I treasure your writings as they seem to resonate with me so much more than all the shouting and clamour I hear around me. May you have a really blessed day today, being still and knowing that God is God. Blessings. Judith from Spean


  4. Valerie says:

    Kenny, thank you so much for your blog. I hear the Lord speaking through your words and God given insights. I haven’t commented up until now but wanted to say how your latest bog resonated with me. Just last night I was unable to sleep (not for the first time) because of “round and round” thoughts but felt prompted to use my imagination to gather them all in a basket and give them to the Lord. I am not a very visual person but as I did it as best I could, I was reminded that the Lord has dealt with my past sins so it wasn’t a problem for Him to deal with my thoughts even if I struggled to bring a picture to mind. Needless to say, my mind became clear and I quickly drifted off into sleep. How I need to remind myself to take my thoughts captive to Him, our faithful and loving Father.


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