The Kindling and the Spark…

Behind much talking that gets the attention, there is so much wonderful kindling being put in place by humble believers all over Scotland from whatever denomination or no denomination, in and through traditional congregations and in and through new ventures that honour the Blood, the Word and the Spirit. Sometimes in some places, situations, parishes, there are only one or two setting the kindling in a sea of compromise and unbelief, battling with discouragement in the face of an unbelieving and bible defying leadership and a non praying congregation; but it doesn’t take too much to start a fire.


When the spark of heaven comes, what a fire will burn! Keep placing the kindling even if there is no one else in the fellowship God has called you to belong to doing so, keep calling for the spark which only God can give…Why is it being withheld? I have no idea, well actually I don’t know why I just typed that as I have lots of ideas from the bible as to the answers to that question, which people may sincerely agree with or disagree with, but none of my thoughts on that matter would make very popular Facebook posts in the prevailing spiritual winds in the charismatic and evangelical church. Whatever, keep setting and keep calling.

God Bless


4 comments on “The Kindling and the Spark…

  1. Stevie says:

    Thanks so much for this Kenny. Deeply encouraged to keep going, with all my weaknesses, I will press on and continue to cut/chop the kindling as I was the day before last to leave enough for Catriona and clan Mac Boyle of Heaste in Skye.

    I do enjoy chopping wood, but get physically tired, and this is a reality in the Kingdom work also. In the hope that a mighty fire will come and ignite and unite His church.

    Keep writing as yer flock by His grace are being feed.
    I’m in the Haven this weekend. Exhausted just getting here, but with a open heart I hope the King of glory can use this weak vessel to advance His Kingdom and encourage the sinner to come into His fullness of grace, and Brethern be encouraged and inspired to draw nearer to His presence.

    My love to you and yer clan.

    Shalom in Yeshua.


    • revkennyblog says:

      Of course He will use you Stevie. He does that without you having to do very much. You bless folk a lot just by being you. So rest, relax and share! The Living God is in you and will come through you. K


  2. judithjamesdavies says:

    The Lord awoke me in the night and told me to re- read Jean Darnell’s vision. Then I read your blog. Greatly encouraged to keep going with my little bit of kindling. What did the old song say ? ” Jesus bids us shine … in your small corner and I in mine ” Always a blessing to read your words.


  3. George Wilson says:

    Hi Kenny,
    Thanks very much for this blog!

    It is water to my being! (if that is the appropriate word)!

    I at times feel like this and need the encouragement to just keep a candle lit in my spirit and pray that Jesus will take my candle to set fire to the tapestry within the church (including whatever dross may still reside within me) and set the church ablaze with His Spirit and bring the reality of a Holy God into our hearts according to His Dreams and Desires!



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