Don’t be hasty in the laying on of hands…

Having heard so many stories of the spiritual and church havoc that having an unconverted organist or choir leader can cause in more traditional churches seeking to be true to God’s  Living Word and His renewing Spirit, why is it that some of us in churches of more modern approach have unconverted people in our praise bands?

In my thinking, right or wrong, sung/instrument accompanied worship is just as important if not actually more so than preaching, though if one sees preaching and listening to God’s Word as part of our worship in more than the technical sense, then I guess it all rolls into one.

Would these same churches have unconverted preachers in their pulpits or unconverted people leading prayer ministry or leading their youth work or mission endeavours? Actually, come to think of it, I know of some churches which have the name of being evangelical or charismatic who do have unconverted people invovled in the leadership of these areas of work, or people who may be converted but as at a given moment are living non Christian lifestyles quite happily and even at times boastfully  rather than living humbly in obedience to God’s commanments in Scripture and in Christ  as saved sinners and born anew children of God.

By the way, having converted organists, choir leaders and praise band leaders can create problems too – but they are problems of a different sort with different spiritual fruit and consequences. People are people, even when redeemed.

God Bless


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  1. Kim Ennis says:

    Yes people are people even when redeemed and even more so.
    So glad that God remains God
    Now for God to do more than l can imagine
    For surely my unbelief will encounter fire.
    Let it be lit by The Holy all that hinders be ashes.The fire burns but it’s fuel is belief ,hope . It does not burn to create ashe’s but so that my unbelief is consumed.
    The kindlling of damage and pain.may healing come .
    Glory be to Him.


  2. Angela says:

    Similar thoughts roam around my mind from time to time; if eg there are unmarried but co-habiting couples in our church, we should be thankful that they come to hear the word and share fellowship rather than judge them for not following the Lord in one obvious area.
    Is any of us perfectly following the Lord?
    If people are blind to the essence of covenant relationship although committed to following Jesus and open to Holy Spirit, will they not be convicted by Him in His timing?
    God made it clear in the OT that man should have but one wife, but He did not remove any of the leaders of Israel who had concubines and many wives.
    One was a member of a non denominational Church a long time ago, where impurity among worship leaders meant temporary suspension from their privileged position until repentance of eg looking at pornographic images, was clear.
    It was the worship leaders who went ahead of Israel (correct me if I recall incorrectly) and their commitment had to be ‘blameless’ ie contrite when weakness was exposed, with repentance obvious. King David is described as blameless in this sense.
    Can God work wonders and achieve unity when purity, contrition and repentance are absent in parts of a Christian’s life?
    I would guess that He can since the person belongs to Him, blind spots and all.
    But if a person is going against Bible teaching, isees this, and is unrepentant, there is clear guidance as to action in that case.
    Just writing off the top of my aching head…. must get moving so I can make banana chutney today!
    God bless!


  3. Angela says:

    Typo* One was a member…
    Please read: I was a member…


  4. George Wilson says:

    Hi Kenny,
    I will make a small comment in relation to Worship!
    I have been informed (and I am sure I have read) that Worshipping with Spiritual Songs focused on God;Father, Son and Holy Spirit is like praying twice!

    Also, the content of some of our traditional and historical hymns are filled with teaching from the Bible, almost preaching through singing!



  5. Amanda Etheridge says:

    Dear Kenny
    I had the privilege of hearing you speak at a one day conference (15.09.2012)in Leamington Spa. You had stepped in at very short notice when Mark Stibbe had resigned from his ministry and (most sadly) his family responsibilities.
    I can’t imagine you remember meeting me but I had the privilege of praying for you during the coffee break!
    Today is Thanksgiving Day in the USA but it’s Thanksgiving Day and Night for those who love the Lord everyday (1 Thes.5:18).
    The scripture for the conference was Zeph.3:17. I don’t think you were influenced by it but you recounted a dream Morag had about you. She saw Jesus in front of a mass of angels and he was singing out of a large volume entitled ‘Songs About Kenny’. As He finished a song, He would ask ‘Would you like to hear another one?’ and would sing anyway! You said the angels looked bored but I wonder if you’d added that as the angels await His bidding and would have been attentive to His every word, raring to go at the least opportunity to do whatever He said on your behalf.
    Dear Kenny and Morag and your family, I pray God’s Blessings on you all and thank Him that He caused me to call you to remembrance to my often forgetful mind and that technology makes it possible to communicate. Also to Margaret at Holy Trinity who said you had a ‘blog or something’!
    Isaiah 12:4-5 was on Bill Winston’s TV programme on GOD TV this morning- the whole chapter is worth looking at!
    In His glorious Name


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