Encouragement for the North…

Due to technical illiteracy concerning blogging, coupled with general illiteracy about all things web or internet related, I keep forgetting that not all of you are on Facebook and not all of you are on Word Press. I am told  if I put something on Word Press first it will automatically appear on Facebook but not the other way round. So then, below I have copied something that has been with me all day and will not go away which has already been posted to Facebook. It will have a niche “market” probably, namely being of interest to those who live or minister in the North of Scotland or its islands. However, it may just interest some of you in other ways, hence its apperance here. Explanation over! I am not saying it is prophetic, but I hope it may do the work of a prophecy in the curch era: that it may strengthen, encourage and comfort the people of God.

While driving up and down the A9 when we lived in the North of Scotland, I was very aware at points in the journey I was crossing in and out of different spiritual territories. For want of a better phrase, I could feel that reality again and again. It was something unrelated to existing formal boundaries, secular or religious. At times I felt a joy in my spirit. At other times, crossing other unseen boundaries a sense of revulsion and darkness. Not so aware of that since moving to the Central belt in 2005. Maybe it is just I am not travelling the length and breadth of the country so often, but just maybe it is because there is something in the plan of God waiting to be released in the North that is very opposed by something not flesh and blood… felt all day I should share that.

Be blessed, you overlooked Northern places. Pray on in faith. Stand your ground. If possible swallow pride and come back into unity where it has been dented. The way back is not always easy. You may get met by suspicion. Humble yourself all the same and there will be blessing in the awkward journey. Some of you need to humbly become sheep again instead of shepherds.

Seek first The Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Pursue holiness in the reverential fear of God. Be submitted to one another in reverence for Christ, in obedience to Apostolic authority and writings in the bible. Listen to no other self-appointed apostolic ministry, in whatever shape or form it comes to you. It is not needed. There is more happening in Northern Places than can be observed with the eye, more than is happening in places further “South” that have the name of being alive. The death around you is real, but where there is death there can be resurrection. That is your hope, the God of Resurrection. Don’t think, “it is happening elsewhere, never here.” It is happening with you. May God give you open eyes to see the horses and chariots of the Lord around you. You have not much strength but you have not denied the Lord’s name and have kept His word. Some have turned away by deliberate choice. Hearts harden and cannot hear pleadings. For some, it may too late. But not for you. Some of you got off the wave and are observers from the shore. It is as though you have not heard there is a Holy Spirit… but you know it was real…you said it once, “It is real.” Get on to the wave again. Encourage others who have been discouraged by you. Encourage one another.

Oh yes, one more thing. Is it him, her, or the Lord. You must choose.

God bless


2 comments on “Encouragement for the North…

  1. judithjamesdavies says:

    Interesting, I always feel a shift in the spiritual atmosphere when I drive through Drumnadrochit and turn right towards Inverness. The heaviness lifts, it happens every time I drive to Inverness from Fort William


  2. Kim Enni says:

    This confirms to me that Spiritual movement and shift are not always because l am moving
    It seems like this when you are sitting in a stationary train and another train moves past that it is your train that has left the station.
    Spiritual shift that sense of distance or closeness to God. Transition.?
    The north of me my head..
    The transition from , distance between head and heart.
    One to be one with each ,lining up .
    Not spiritual warfare as I find that adjustment proves to have the same print.The same pattern.
    May it be between our places of living.of worship.of relationship with each other.
    That at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow..
    No distance from God.


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