…And the award goes to….

Dreamed just as I was waking up this morning that someone was delivering an acceptnace speech for an award, a life time achievement award. It was for their career in “Voiceover.” The image lingered. I felt that in it there was a word that would help to sustain the weay, which is part of why I write these blogs.

Voiceover is when someone unseen speaks over what is happening on screen in a film or an advert or speaks off-stage as a narrator in a play or whatever. Or it may be the voice over is the voice of an actual character in a film or play speaking into that role. Voiceover is important. When used properly, it gives sense, interprets, explains what needs to be known but might not be understood without help and guidance.

There is always a Voiceover being spoken into the unfolding events of our lives. The important thing is that we do not allow any old voiceover explanation of the story of our lives. God can help you begin a new voiceover career today, one in which the Holy Spirit in you or You through the Holy Spirit are speaking the interpretative narrative over your own life; a voiceover carrying the truth and tone of the Living God the God of goodness, of redeeming mercy, kind love and purposefulness.

Back to the dream: the acceptance speech. It was a bit like the Oscars, though less emotional and more sincere, with less acting if you know what I mean! Whoever the person was, they were saying a simple “thank you” for all those who had got them started in Voiceover.

Well, all of that gets me to what I beleive God wants me to share. it will not be for everyone but it will be for some of you. The verse/thought of Saint Paul came to mind, admittedly not strictly in context! “When I became a mature adult, I put aside the things of childhood.” There are some reading this who need to let go of your childhood voiceovers ohterwise they may lead to perpetual childishness where you pass on any responsibility for the unfolding shape of your adult life and settle to live as a victim, only remotely functioning when you say “poor me” over yourself or hear others saying, “Poor soul.”

Believe me, The Voiceovers are there in every one of us, but they are not necessarily the Voiceovers of the truth of God. Some of us are very fortunate in that the Voiceovers spoken into our lives from earliest days were from loving parents, from encouraging families who may even have deliberatley sought to echo the truth of God into your life. For some there were lots of postive voices like this, but other voices seemed to have a more powerful and detrimental influence. Voiceovers can be sinister. Was that the case for you? Was your dominating Voiceover the ancient career of one who lies and deceives with a forked tongue? That tongue can be terrifying or silky smooth but poison filled either way. The enemy gives false Voiceover narratives to the events of your life, the event of “you”, suggesting and reinforcing false outlook and a false understanding of our own identity. Of course, the Voiceover he offers can paradoxically be one of complete silence, that can put a sense of  hidden menace into the living of our lives resulting in fearfulness and anxiety.

At some point, whether the Voiceover action of others was good or bad, helpful or a hindrance, we have to begin our own Voiceover career with regard to our life. However, remember that essentially Voiceover does involve a script. What script are you reading and speaking forth this day? May it be true for you and for me that the script we are learning to submit to as Voiceover artists is the one written by the Author of our Salvation and no other.

God bless


5 comments on “…And the award goes to….

  1. Heather says:

    Rev Kenny – i’ve just found yr blog via the recent notification re Kingdom Gathering 2018. Your wisdom & insight has answered many cries from my heart to the Lord over several months. Such rich spiritual food – thank you so much. I in turn want to encourage you tht your words are like the balm of Gilead.


  2. Kim Enni says:

    Well l can’t beleive l am here standing holding this award.
    Firstly l d link to thank my writer who wrote this for me
    To be chosen to present and live out these inspirational words that have touched and changed lives Is a honour
    Secondly my director who, without His direction constant support , passion and belief in me l do not think l would be here.
    Thirdly my heart felt thanks goes to those who are also inspired to continue bringing His message and words that encourage .
    This award is not mine to hold but it will stand as a reminder of sacrifice and love.
    God bless you all.


  3. christine macleod says:

    Thankyou ,for being so open and truthful in your blogs,there are those voiceovers that build up and strengthen us in our Spirit, they rarely receive an Oscar or acknowledgement in this life from man ,but they will Recieve a Crown from the


  4. Lynn Lindsay says:

    When the Son sets you free, you are Free indeed, for He came to bind up the broken hearted and to set the captives free !!!
    Oh Bless you Kenny !!!!
    Thank you !!!
    Am so aware that many, not all, but many of the wrong voices that I’ve listened to have come from those who were themselves hurting, pressured, driven and really believed that you had to measure up etc but
    Thank You Abba for Christ Jesus calls us to Come to Him !!
    All those who are weary, come to Him and He will lift the pressure off !!!


  5. Alison Black says:

    This is such an appropriate metaphor! Evocative, instructive & helpful.


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