Time to think…of me…of you…

12 noon Sunday. Having to take more rest than I would choose to at this moment in time. Had thoughts late last night  of going to a nearby chuch this morning. Has not worked out that way. Probably many of you who read this will be in the same boat: The fellowship of the involuntarily weakened, trying to prove the truth that when we are weak we are strong in Him.

However, it gives me time to think over some things I have said to encourage others over the years when they were facing things they would rather not be going through. Most of them still hold water, but some, the sort of sound bite ones that I heard from others and passed on,  that have a feel good ring to them, don’t really work as intended; like this one: “We are human beings not human doings.” Half true. Part of human happiness and well being is “doing.” I cannot do as much as I did and with difficulty accept that. That does not dent my worth as a securely loved child of God, delighted and danced over! However my well being, my happiness, even my joy is affected positively by “doing.”

Whatever your resources in terms of daily strength, may you find something to do in the Name of Christ and seek to do it faithfully. Oh yes, and don’t minimise the importance of what you are able to do. It is easy to do that when you know of people or read of people who have done or are doing the most amazing deeds in the Name of the Lord.

Here’s another thought that came to me lying here this morning. I think this may be more for others than for myself:

“Good Morning? Do you feel part of the explanation of your life is missing? Are there years or happenings that just don’t make sense? I think I heard a promise for you from God this morning: ‘Slowly, I am rebuilding, reconnecting the story line.’

Moments of understanding will come as God speaks. Where blanks remain faith will manage to make secure leaps from that solid ground.

God bless you. God has all the pieces of the broken record. A completeness of melody is not impossible. You shall hear it first, with fresh hope. Others around you will hear with quiet amazement that sound on the wind of the Spirit who is there within you still…always has been, always will be. It is a “Good” morning in Christ…

God bless us, every one!


4 comments on “Time to think…of me…of you…

  1. Michele Morrison says:

    God bless you too Kenny, this spoke to me today as I haven’t managed to get to church for almost a year, but got there this morning, never thought of it before but came up with the idea of a recliner desk chair for comfort instead of lying at the back, Ian and angi said it was OK, so said chair up there now, so God willing I’ll be there next week

    Praying for strength for you to do so too


  2. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Oh Thank you so much for sharing !!!!
    Rebuilding and reconnecting the story line is definitely for me !!!!
    you know when you know that you know …. that’s the way I feel !!!!
    God Bless you Kenny !!!!
    and yes God Bless us every one, no matter what stage or state or season we are in !!!!


  3. Angela says:

    God bless you, Kenny!
    Michelle above too, for her response as it comforts me; I find pews very uncomfortable, same for chairs with low backs that don’t come up to my shoulder blades when seated with back straight.
    For a long time, when services were held in the centre in the evenings, I stayed away due to those chairs.
    Pulling up a more supportive one is sometimes impossible for me; and on the two occasions when I managed that, felt stupid as the seat height was lower than everyone else!
    I have had to move further back in Church due to nauseating pain in neck, shoulders and head when looking up at the screen.
    This also requires being seated in the middle section of church where few want to be as it means being hemmed in, the pews having no access in the middle; so, I am usually alone like a leper!
    No matter how ‘normal’ a person may look, none of us knows what might be causing them pain in body or soul.
    Longer than intended but it does us good to taste a bit of what some suffer long term.
    It is too easy to assume and judge instead.
    Your blog does so much more than is obvious to any of us.
    God bless!


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