Oh that the people of God will be this day the cause of confusion…..

The love of God for lost human beings is something that angels ponder. It is a mystery that they cannot fully understand.

Well, today I woke with this truth living and bursting to be shared: some who read this have caused the devil great confusion. He has thrown everything at you to keep you settled in a place of gloom, and you have indeed been living in a dark place, precious child of God. This morning, like the manager of a hotel, the governor of the prison checked the register of rooms. There was full occupancy last night…but not this morning!

“Like a bird out of the fowler’s snare our souls have been set free.” Praying this will be that day for you, that despite every attempt to hold you under lock and key you will become what you are in Christ: Free! I see and rejoice in what has confused Satan: the tambourines, the walking sticks littering the hallway, the exit route of the people of God. The evil one, however, did not hear them go, and had not noticed the liberation emerging. For the way of escape for the people of God began so quietly: the emerging of a persistent, gentle word from the depths of their spirit: “Beloved!”

God bless you, “Beloved!”


2 comments on “Oh that the people of God will be this day the cause of confusion…..

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    God Bless you too !!!!!


  2. Joan MacDonald says:

    I was greatly encouraged by reading this passage tonight..perfect timing!!
    God bless you.


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