Read R.T’s Book, “Whatever Happened to the Gospel.”

Have just read some wonderful poetry by a celeb! it is brilliant. However all of a sudden I saw it: how Satan can beautify our lostness with noble thoughts and adorn the step before the endless abyss with sentiments that blind though they may draw acclamation from “The Times.”

The flames of hell became as real as the ground I was standing on in the days leading up to my conversion. Glad to be saved. My wife’s background a prior to conversion or knowing each other could not have been more different. However the same grace of God worked in us both by different routes to bring us to the same point : we both, individually, became awware that without Christ, should we die, hell was where we would spend eternity. It was not blood and thunder preaching that brought us to that awarness but the Spirit of God through the  black and white reading of the Word of God.

Not sure if it is out yet, but I was blessed to read a manuscript of a book by R T Kendall a few months back called, “Whatever Happened to the Gospel.” If you can, get hold of it, or preorder it if it is not yet out. It is a timely call to the Church in a day when it has perhaps lost more than its way in general. It has perhaps, in many of its manfiestations, lost the gospel itself. Nowadays the gospel seems to be more about being saved from my poor self image, from not being recognised, from the hurts of life rather than first and foremost from my own sins which have consequences in time and eternity that only the grace of God can alter. Oh yes, there are more buttons on the garments of salvation than the first one, but let’s get the first button in place first and all the others will fall into place too.


God bless


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  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Thank you so much Kenny !!! pre-ordered it !!!


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