Walking and leaping…or dragging your heels….just do it!

What is on my mind in my waking moments? Images of celebration! Celebration is not always presented in the bible as a spontaneous happening though of course it is delightful when it happens that way. However, in the Old and New Testaments it is commanded and takes on the status and shape of a spiritual discipline. That is clearer perhaps in the Old Testament: there were feasts, festivals for which preparations had to be seen to, food prepared, journeys undertaken etc. It is however there in the New Testament too continuing on from the the Old Testament Scriptures, in passing references to existing commanded festivals, and in admonitions and encouragements which have a command element attached to them, such as “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say, ‘Rejoice.'”

If, as I have done, I am trusting the Lord to waken me morning by morning with words that will sustain the weary, I am trusting there is something helpful in all of this not just for me but for you. Don’t give up hope for the spontaneous eruption of celebration within your soul this day. However, remember there are steps you can discipline yourself to take towards celebration too. Why not take a step forward today? The first step might simply be making space for a “Thank you” heavenward. “Thankful for what?” might be your ruffled feather esponse from a difficult place. Well, just make a start, whether with a sweet spirit or in reluctance, dragging your heels. You will soon get the hang of it….

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God bless


3 comments on “Walking and leaping…or dragging your heels….just do it!

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Blessed assurance Jesus is Who He says He is and He has done what He said He would – He came to rub out our sin, not rub it in, and He came to set us free from the Law that we can’t keep but we weren’t meant to be able to on our own and in our own strength, no matter how many, how very many people may say or may have said otherwise !!!

    When focussing on troubles, difficulties, things I can do nothing about, it’s only too easy to listen to those who say, you must, you have to, you should, they should, and end up feeling miserable, forgetting altogether that Christ Jesus came to seek and to Save the lost and to Release us from the heavy burdens of, must and have to, and should have, too !!!

    But remembering Who Jesus is and what He came to do, causes us to
    Rejoice !!!

    There was an old advert that asked, Daddy or chips.
    When I’m feeling miserable it’s because I’m focusing on the Law instead of resting in Christ Jesus and His finished work on the Cross for me.
    The Law, or Jesus and His finished work
    No contest !!!


  2. George Wilson says:

    Hi Kenny,
    During the reading of this blog today I was reminded of a scene from the film “The Water Diviner”! The Australian diviner was at the bottom of a well he had dug and lined with tree roots so the sides wouldn’t collapse. They also gave a ladder to get out of the well.
    He believed he was at the point that the next strike with his spike would be the point at which the water would start filling the well, so he took his boots off and threw them up out of the well.
    He then took the spike and gave the ground below him a couple of hits and the water came gushing into the void of the well. At this point he gave a loud yahoo punching his fist into the air!

    The film was still available to view on BBC iplayer this morning [1 February 2018] in the FILM category.

    It is a painful story, yet presents the determination of a father who will do anything to seek for a son who survived Gallipoli and was initially taken prisoner.

    I pray that this may be a blessing to someone. If it isn’t, then my apologies for disturbing you with these words!



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