Kick Yin Yang out of the house…

When Jesus cried “Finished!” from the cross, He used an end of all things word. He meant everything necesary to secure the Victory of the Kingdom of God and an ever open door to and from that Kingdom had been accomplished. That does not mean there are no more battles to be fought with darkness, but it does mean the war has been won. The Kingdom of God with all its freedoms and various liberations has been established and is on its way, unstoppably.

When I woke up this morning, I had the distinct impression that some of you who read my blogs need to get hold of a simple truth, though of course many more of you will have arleady got hold of this truth long ago without any input from me; after all it is there to be discovered in the pages of the bible itself. The simple truth some of you need to get hold of is this: the battle between light and darkness is not an evenly balanced battle. Light has won! The day of no more sickness, nor more death, where God shall wipe awy every tear from the eyes of His children is definitely coming and on its way. Nothing can stop it.  Heaven has secured its dawn among us. Getting hold of that is an important part of the victory of faith, and perhpas even faith’s victory in your life this very day in the face of something difficult to bear.

Someeimes to illustrate this truth people talk about the difference between D-Day and V day in the last world war. When the Allies secured their  immensely costly landing at Normandy, Deliverance day had come, the result of the war was assured. However some of the bloodiest battles were still to be fought.

It is important to let go of a sort of Yin Yang theology, the idea  of  a mystical balance between light and darkness, negative and positive forces. That is the defeated but furious enemy lying to you. Say with boldness over verything in your life this day, “Jesus is Lord! Christus Victor!” “Amen and Amen!”

Oh by the way if you have any piece of Yin Yang jewellery or symbolism around your house, kick it out. It will be affecting you and your loved ones more than you realise. Even if a loved one gave it to you, give it not one more day of  house room or heart room.

God bless




2 comments on “Kick Yin Yang out of the house…

  1. Angela says:

    I always appreciate your blog, Kenny.
    Yin Yang is totally new to me; had to look it up! Seems to be basic Chinese philosophy about light and dark balancing each other ie in nature.
    But mankind always finds way to apply and twist basic concepts.
    Thinking of Mizpah jewellery; given a romantic commitment meaning when the reality is do very different!
    Laban chased after Jacob in a very unromantic manner to confront him with his secret flight, taking his wives, flocks etc (and Rachel stole Laban’s household gods), so it really represents an uneasy truce after hostility!
    But back to unnecessary symbols of principalities/wrong spiritual influence: a friend who became a Christian decided to burn a large collection of very expensive books whose root was opposite to light.
    I disposed of a Roman Catholic Catechism book that was mine from being a young child in a Catholic family with many generations of the religion’s wrong beliefs that contradict the Bible.
    It hindered.
    And I continue to trust that the Lord will never cease to pinpoint areas in my life that still hinder Him. None of us is a finished project!
    God bless your weekend.


  2. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Yes and Amen !!!!


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