Time for a clear out?

Remembering visiting a lady along with a deacon. The lady was invovled in the occult without knowing it and there was resulting disturbance in her and her home – it even affected the cat who had become terrified and traumatised by what had been happening. The dear woman was flung down at the moment of deliverance. However, it can be slow for the penny to drop. When she had rested from the experience, referring to the Tarot Cards which had been the inroad for unclean spirits to her and her home, she said in all innocence, “Maybe I could give them away to my sister,”!!
Friends if you have any occult object in your house, it will not be harmless. Get rid of it, even if there is a story of friendship or sentimental memories behind how it came to be in your home or in your jewellery box.
By the way the cat was quite happy to go in the room again, once the Tarot cards had been removed and their effect dealt with!
Praise God for the unassailable knowledge of the absolute supremacy of the Lordship of Christ over Satan and all his works.
God bless

One comment on “Time for a clear out?

  1. Kim Enni says:

    We invest in the power of Jesus Christ over all.
    Walking out from darkness into the light.
    Perhaps she did not understand the difference between His light of day and natures night
    Her affliction was not in the paper cards but her blindness.
    This was not a dim vision but blindness.Her affliction?
    We are to receive His authority and light in our afflictions.
    Praise the name of Jesus.
    I see a tornado of energy ,distruction but l am safe in the eye of the storm.


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