Rescuing the rescuers…

The reason I  “blog” or “post” on Facebook is that by nature and by grace and by call I want to “Rescue.” The motivation is pastoral rather than anything else. With limited energy these days, I have found a simple way for the call to bless me rather than frustrate me: I can trust God to waken me with a word that will help someone and then share it on Facebook or in the form of a blog or both.

This morning my waking thoughts were with those of you whose make up by whatever mix of nature, external influence and grace are also “Rescuers.” The truth you have to realise is this: some people who could be rescued don’t want to be at a given moment of time and may sadly never want to be. It is the same with congregations and even denominations. Keep that in mind for your own health’s sake. Otherwise the sense of call will outlive your ability to answer it.

Learn to listen for the genuine cry for help: “Who will rescue me?” You have the answer: “God, in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

… and another thing. Rescuers are prone to guilt. For almost half of my ministry I felt guilty about visits I had not done. The second half of my ministry I never suffered from that. At some point I accepted I was not omniscient and told others the same. Many many pastoral visits did not happen because no one told me of the need: even family members and close friends of whoever was needing pastoral help did not let on!  At times there was a malicious game going on: “Let’s  discredit the minister.” You don’t need to play it. Be diligent, not omnisicent. Well, here ends the blog…at the point where it could become a rant!

God bless the rescuers!


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  1. Kim Enni says:

    Your blogs encourage me more to beleive to be included and less the rescuer .
    Who does want to stop someone from spiritual death and destruction this is surely written on the Christian heart by encouragement we reach out to beleive in Jesus.
    His will be done in us .That is what l read in you. Pilgrim and labourer.l think Jesus would say well done!


  2. Lynn says:

    Thank you So much, Kenny !!
    Just because I see a need, doesn’t mean I’m the one that has to go and meet it, or try to meet it – when or if I do that, I may get myself into something I’m not supposed to, and/or I may very well be preventing someone else from stepping up to the plate – or as you rightly say, the person with the ‘need’, may not be ready to want or accept help either – remembering well a beloved ‘rescuer’ in my own family who just wanted to ‘fix’ everything, and everyone, without knowing or seeing the whole picture – doing that only caused pain and confusion on all sides !!
    And yes, you’re so right about the guilt thing too, because when is enough, enough ? – it never is !
    All Grateful Thanks to Abba Father Who Doesn’t ask us to do Everything !!!
    For as the song says –
    It’s not in trying but in Trusting
    It’s not in wondering but in Praying
    that we find the Strength of the Lord !!
    Am sure there are more lines than that, but can’t remember them all just now !!
    Maqybe just as well !!!
    God Bless you !!!!


  3. Sherri says:

    Wow Kenny… if I hadn’t ever experienced how Holy Spirit works I would say you must have some sort of listening device, having withstood yet another marauding sheep attack just hours ago! Seriously, not three hours ago.You nailed it on all counts! I stand amazed at how quickly He came to the rescue of this rescuer! Thank you Kenny for your timely words that were and are much needed!


  4. Alex Temple-Williams says:

    Well Kenny. You have described a large part of my experience in ministry. Thanks and God bless Alex


  5. George Wilson says:

    Hi Kenny,
    Thank you for the Blog.
    There is a reality that lifesavers bear in mind.
    Going into the swimming pool, our out to sea to rescue a swimmer in difficulty can be dangerous for the rescuer!

    If the lifesaver acts prior to the person almost losing consciousness then the swimmer may grap on to the lifesaver and pull them down under the surface as well making rescue difficult (if not impossible)!

    Lifesavers are trained to deal with these situations to the point of knocking the person unconscious making it easier to deal with rescuing the swimmer!

    As human beings bearing the burden of pride and an (I don’t need any help thank you), all that can generally be done is pray until something happens for the person you have empathy for!

    That may end up being a further downhill slide before a point of dramatic turn to the Cross and Jesus possibly on knees!
    Then there will be the baby steps of being a Christian before moving on from milk to solid food!

    There is a comparison with the Prodigal son narrative Luke 15:11-32.
    The son who spent his inheritance eventually came to his senses, realises the error of his ways and chooses to return to his home and see if his father will accept him only to be a slave. However, his father accepts him through love completely into the family, regardless of the fact that he has wasted his inheritance!

    There will be a number of times during a Christian Counselling/Evangelist gifted persons life where they will have to let go and leave God to move the mountains until He by the Holy Spirit may stir us to approach a person again with a renewed hope of success!



  6. Heather Mackay says:

    Thank you for ths blog in particular. I’d like to bring encouragement to you. Your blogs are manna from heaven. Thanks, Rev Kenny!

    Heather M


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