Prophesy! Come on …you can do it…your “L” plates were attached the day you were born again of the Spirit of God!

I am predominantly pastoral and only a tiny bit prophetic now and then, in terms of seeing something very specific that God wants me to see or hearing what God alone could know about a situation of a person. Moses wanted all God’s people to be prophets. Paul said it was something we could all learn. So ask God to help you learn! Put into practice the steps He shows you and you will get somewhere with this, I promise you. I can’t think of another “gift” that everyone is given more Scriptural encouragement to go after and to more earnestly desire, but that is just off the top of my head as I type. I may be wrong. Quite happy to be told that.

The reality with being a wee bit prophetic is sometimes you know what people are up to in their own houses, know what they are planning, before they have told you it on Facebook! I used to find when I was travelling more to minister that God would reveal the enemy’s plans against my family back home while I was away. Sometimes He would reveal ways in which He was helping them to victory – happenings would unfold before my eyes of things that had actually happened or would happen the next morning. Sometimes he let me see happy and funny things to assure me all was well. At other times He would show me not such nice things that folk were planning, like putting burned bibles through the letter box or coming to kick our gates down; things that my wife did not even want to tell me on my return, but about which I said, “I saw such and such happening…I saw you doing such and such…does that mean anything or was it just me?”

He knows. That is the great thing. He knows. He only shows a bit of what He knows where it will encourage us or help us to pray in the victory of faith. We know in part, we prophesy in part…but part is good, so long as in humility, you know it is ‘part.’ Don’t start insisting it is all, or that you have all the interpretation or application. a bit of humility goes a L—O—N—G way.

If you are a believer, you are already a bit prophetic, anyway, and might not know it. You might never be a “prophet’ as your main ministry, though who knows, you might be. However ask God to help you be” propheticy” when He wants you to be. If humility is there in the asking, learning and activation you will bless people, no doubts about it, you will bless people. Step out!

Maybe you are a pastor, reading this on Saturday night or Sunday Morning. You can step out in your service. In your prayer times in the service jsut secrety ask God if there is anything he wants you to see or hear…and turn it into a prayer. It is a good way to begin. You will find that people, sometimes you will have seen them in your mind’s eye, will come up to you afterwards and say, “See what you said in the prayer, that really helped me…it was strange….” That will encourage you to keep taking the same steps and maybe transfer them to the realm of your pastoral visits, evangelistic encounters etc.

God bless



4 comments on “Prophesy! Come on …you can do it…your “L” plates were attached the day you were born again of the Spirit of God!

  1. Lynn says:

    Will never forget the Word of Knowledge you spoke out before the service started one Sunday morning at Westerhailes, Kenny !!! knowing it was for me, I came to speak to you afterwards and I’ll never forget what you said, about knowing your own folk, and knowing it wasn’t for them !!!
    I was only visiting, but wherever we are and wherever we go, Christ can and does speak right into our lives if we are willing to listen !!!
    God Bless you !!!!


  2. judithjamesdavies says:

    Great word of encouragement


  3. George Wilson says:

    Hi Kenny,
    Thank you for this!
    I consider that I have NOT been following this gifting like I have been!

    My thoughts are whether there are seasons in relation to the prophetic gifting!
    Times when God may put you on the “substitutes” bench, whether for rest, or because you have stepped beyond the boundaries of what He wanted you to say!

    He then waits till you are ready and humbled to give you anymore information to share, or pray about!



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