Walk on the Word over the waters….

Peter first and foremost walked on the word of Jesus, and only in a lesser sense did he walk on water. Is there a word that Jesus spoke to you today in church, or maybe at home, just in your own heart without any external influence

Did He speak about your discipleship, your trust, your service, saying to you, “Come this way”? Did He call you to come to Him over choppy waters you are not sure you want to cross, perhaps, for example to meet him in the place of forgiving someone from the heart, someone who wronged you severely, or even worse, harmed someone you love?

May God give us grace to step out on His Word, His commands, His promises in the days of this week. That is what living by faith is about.

God bless


2 comments on “Walk on the Word over the waters….

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Oh Bless you Kenny !!!!
    Thank you !!!!


  2. triciacarers says:

    of all the sermons,,,,,,,,,,,sometimes all God needs to speak into my heart is 6 short sentences! Thank you Kenny.


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