Simple Church….

Church last night: a church where no one in ministry is paid, with a history of church planting:

A testimony: “I used to call myself a drug addict, now I call myself a child of God.”

A report about an outreach meeting in another town: A spiritualist saved. Another person newly converted bringing their friend to church; the friend loving it.

Report 2: A new venture for young folk on the periphery of the church spiritually. tailored for them. Some of them really touched by God.

A conversation over coffee: “I thought I could be a Christian on my own before I cam here. But see the first time I came here? The presence of God was just amazing! I never knew that the presence of God is so strong when everyone is together. It is amazing ( wide -eyed astonishment and amazed laughter).”

All that, plus beautiful worship and the most upbuilding, helpful and personally relevant short sermon, the laying on of hands and prayer…

So glad I was there….

God bless you this day, and God bless and renew  the Church in Scotland,  and in your land, wherever you may be reading this blog.


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  1. Angela says:

    No matter how dead a church (or individual) might appear, the power of our God has not changed and brings transformation, as in the valley of dead, dry bones.


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