The painting begins to move…

I know God is everywhere, but “When I walked in here I felt His presence…” Special moments in ordinary, passed by, even despised places. In the privacy of my own heart there are several places and times I treasure, where I have stumbled unexpectedly upon “the gate of heaven,” the Living Lord, Jesus Christ. The wardrobe led to Narnia, the sea in the painting on the wall began to move…and I was there…and so was He.

God bless


2 comments on “The painting begins to move…

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord
    Let the earth hear His Voice
    Praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord
    Let the peoples rejoice
    Come to the Father
    through Jesus the Son
    Give Him the Glory
    Great things He has done !!!
    Great is the Lord and Almighty to Save !!
    God Bless you Kenny !!!


  2. Kim Enni says:

    Leaving His spirit until the work on earth is done.


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