“What? You too?” C.S. Lewis says that is the beginning of truest  friendship and fellowship. I like that.


Sometimes there can be a loneliness even when we are part of the Body of Christ. As I was reading H Nouwen today I saw that there is a type of loneliness that can be the flip side of a sense of how God wants me as a unique individual to surrender my life, the particular mix of the God given call, gifts, hopes I carry. Even other believers may not quite get “what I am going on about” or understand my fire, nor I their particular Kingdom passion.


It is a thrilling moment when all of a sudden we realise within the large sphere of Christian fellowship there ARE those who “get it” or “get me” or “get what gets me!” Almost instantly a depth of fellowship forms that skips over the usual amassing of mutually disclosed personal details. I bless God for the whole body of Christ but know I could not have survived the whole body of Christ nor blessed that body, , nor they me, if along the way God had not blessed me with “What? You too?” moments and friendships.


In very unspiritual terms, I pray that God will help you find a few folk who will mutually say along with you, “I don’t know. We just somehow clicked.”

God bless


2 comments on “Click!

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    What you are saying, Kenny, reminds me of a short piece written by A.W Tozer called the Loneliness of being a Christian.
    So grateful for your blog !!!
    God Bless you !!!!


  2. Kim Enni says:

    Not a holiday retreat .
    But a place to be

    i have a picture of a warm breezy day the windows on a grand building a grand room ,are open The luxurious .soft furnishing welcome rest.
    The sunlight is reaching into the room from the street. It is tea time The walls the dancing movement of leaves and branches that respond relenting of statue.poise and strength
    The room is calm with design colour and placement
    Sounds of voices and laughter are muted but near and consistent.
    Tone of contentment occupies the room and it freely passes through the windows.
    The Windows are dressed and tall.Cotton lace drapes , frame without line as the breeze whispers, gently touching courting movement.
    Refreshment is supplied and equistely presented.
    A sense of anticipation , new starched linen The room is not yet occupied.
    Open and waiting to take guests.


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