Allowing you to eavesdrop….

I tried as a pastor to never have a routine standardised approach to people. However there were some routes I found myself using to help a person arrive at self awareness as to where a wound they carried might come from. Here is one of them:

Me: “On a scale if 1 to 10, where 1 means ‘no value’ and 10 means ‘of immeasurable worth’ what do you think a new born baby is worth?”

More than 9 times out of 10, the answer given without a moment’s hesitation was ’10.’

Me: “If the baby had this or that colour of skin, was born in or out of wedlock, was healthy or had a disability?”


Me: “What are you worth?”

The answer was rarely 10. Often the response was a person’s eyes would look anywhere but at me. Silence or tears would flow…

Me: “So, what happened? Where did things go wrong?”

Well, it is 4 am. Just woken up feeling bright and bushy tailed as I fell asleep earlier than usual last night! I asked the Lord for a word that would sustain the weary and felt led to share all of this.

Perhaps it will be useful to you. Perhaps it will be useful in helping someone you may meet this day. Don’t overuse it, there is no ‘one size fits all’ tool for pastoring.

By the way, occasionally a person here and there stumbled over knowing whether a new life was worth anything at all….

Anyway, feeling bushy tailed is passing. Job done. Back to sleep..I hope…zzzz…..or maybe not… the thought of a Caffeine explosion via a Colombian Coffee tasted and enjoyed in the company of God  in the quiet early hours is very appealing to all my senses of body, soul and spirit! Sheer indulgence. Luxury.

God bless


4 comments on “Allowing you to eavesdrop….

  1. Amanda Etheridge says:

    Dear Rev. Kenny and Morag

    Are no comments on this blog the equivalent of a tumble weed being blown through a desolate wilderness?

    Everyone is special in God’s eyes, that’s why He devised Salvation’s Plan and Jesus fulfilled it perfectly.

    Thank you for making us squirm with the very idea that we might be 10s. We are so let’s accept it and see everyone else in the same way.


  2. Kim Enni says:

    In response to a personal invitation that is readily accepted.
    .lf it be l speak as we in this post then l ask that the Holy Spirit is welcomed by those who read it my brothers and sisters in Christ.
    Our Father being the Great I AM.Alpha and Omega.
    How Does He rate . 1to 10
    For by what measure can man apply ?
    I was thinking about what went wrong in my life.
    Then Adam and Eve.original sin.
    Gods perfect plan .
    Yes indeed what went wrong that cannot be reconciled.
    I understand if by ways of means of measure that l am one and God is 10
    Jesus came as 2 til 9
    Now I am at one with 10.I wince in recognition of estimating God as 10
    He lives in us Atonement at one ment , we are meant to be at one with Him.
    So contrary to being mans estimation of 10.
    How can it be mans worth to consider as to his value ?
    All to be at one with Him.
    For let me see God His value in me .
    Brothers and sisters we are one.
    be at one, meant to be .


  3. Alison Black says:

    Amanda wrote: “Are no comments on this blog the equivalent of a tumble weed being blown through a desolate wilderness?”

    I don’t think so, Amanda! Appreciating Kenny’s blog is one thing; throwing in one’s own two-cents’-worth (or even 10-cents’-worth!) is quite another. I (for one) even hesitate to hit the “Like” button in case it implies that I didn’t like the ones I didn’t “Like”!


  4. Kim Enni says:

    I liked Amanda’s invitation to respond
    I like that people give there ten cents worth ,just like you did.
    You and Amanda our His Kenny too.
    God bless you all.


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