Baby steps are good!

OK then, an unusually short post. It is about 3 in the afternoon. Not been the best of days, health wise., but feel I can get up now.

Was just sort of lying here, thinking, praying as I looked out the window, thinking about how useful Facebook/Blogging is for sharing good news, even The Good News. I love the vareity of people I come into contact with, the variety of journeys I get to know about. I particularly love it when I know that people are taking baby steps towards God.

I feel there are maybe a few folk our there who need to hear something very simple today: it is one of those things that is so general that on one level it needs no inspiration from God to say it, however I do think this is from God for someone, for now, so I offer it in that simple faith.  Perhaps this is for someone unsure about God but trying to take baby steps? Well done, if that is you! Keep going! Don’t be embarrassed that you don’t know more than you do, or even if you stumble. God encourages baby steps towards Him. Anyway, here is what I believe God wants you to hear:

“You have been running empty for some time, somehow taking on tiny bits of fuel and keeping on going. You have time before this day is out, time you could take, just to sit and be still. In the stillness, ask your Father in Heaven, the Father of Jesus Christ,  to fill you with His Holy Spirit. That is something you have not asked before, or even thought of asking. He is there and He is for you. Nothing bad or eerie will happen to you if you ask Him to do this for you in the Name of His Son, Jesus Christ. He only gives good gifts to His children. So go ahead, ask.”


God bless


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  1. Maggie Chadwick says:

    Please could you tell me how to contact you? I have a testimony directly related to a word you gave me at New Wine several years ago when you stopped in the middle of a sermon and spoke out… then went back to the sermon.


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